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2020 Salary Data

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Job data from 800+ companies

Salary and remuneration/compensation data from every job sector across Africa.

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Global data

Data is available for over 20 countries… live data for 5 African countries and referenced data for more than 20 African and Asian countries.

African Human Capital and Labour Reports now available.

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New reports

Equality Report

Benchmark your company using statistical measures of equality against national and industry data.

Equal Pay Analysis

Compare your company against criteria for EP4WEV (race, gender, and disability). Includes per division, department, and job family analysis.

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Salary Survey & Remuneration/Compensation Data Solution

RewardOnline is a comprehensive web-based national salary survey and remuneration/compensation data solution. We offer real-time access to live remuneration/compensation data benchmarks across over 1000 job titles at both executive and general staff levels in private as well as state-owned organisations. Our pay scale and salary information has enabled large corporates to SME's to accurately fine-tune, measure and assess salaries and wages across multiple industries and countries. This has empowered enterprises with the ability to accurately reward their human capital and improve their staff performance management as well as attraction and retention of key skills. In addition to South Africa, RewardOnline is available in Namibia, Botswana, eSwatini/Swaziland and Lesotho (live survey databases) as well as over 20 other countries (referenced benchmark data), both in Africa and in Asia.

Our unique blend of experience and science allows us to deliver a dynamic and novel approach to remuneration and pay solutions in developing economies, tailored to each country, taking into account their unique economic and social climates.

All data in our survey has been audited and certified by SNG Grant Thornton.

What we offer:

Our dynamic technology allows you to:
  • Access live remuneration/compensation and pay scale data across over 1000 roles, per position and across all levels in an organisation
  • Access accurate market-related grades and easily understandable job titles
  • Obtained benchmarks for incentive scheme payments
  • Keep a track record of your own data and benchmark history
  • Utilise interactive graphing for trend and benchmarking analysis
  • Employ analytical comparative data sets
  • Customise reporting to your requirements
  • Make accurate job evaluation and performance management decisions
  • Adopt pro-active talent management strategies
  • Access our remuneration/compensation trends library including niche and customised reports on your industry
  • Understand the true value of long-term incentive

Benefits of our reward solution

  • Full use of the survey for one year which includes access to the web-based system, initial training and one complete set of organisation-wide reports
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date information with roles that are current in your context
  • Audited and validated salary survey data
  • Data confidentiality
  • Accurate market-related grades (including modal grades) and easily understandable job titles
  • Customisable reporting and benchmarking
  • Dynamic pricing to suit the size and needs of your company
  • Live data for 5 African countries
  • Referenced data for over 20 African and Asian countries
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